Welcome to our Walking Tour!

You are our valuable neighbor. Though during this time we cannot physically be together, it was important to the Villa Heights Community Board Members to continue with our Neighborhood Planning and Technical Assistance Grant that was awarded to us earlier in the year. This next step is the most crucial step: Your voice!

So in advance, THANK YOU for taking the time to come out and walk on this self-guided tour.

Take a look at our map here: VH Map



Villa Heights Community Organization won an approved $5,000.00 grant from the City of Charlotte

What is it?

The City of Charlotte Placemaking staff is helping guide and provide next steps for the neighborhood to complete a project with the approved funds

Placemaking Grant

Placemaking inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community
– Project for Public Spaces

What You Do

Walk through this self guided tour. Use your eyes, hears and mind to imagine how we can transform some key spots into something that will help further Villa Heights for years to come!


Stop 1

Entrance to Cordelia Park: N. Davidson / Parkwood

Entrance to Cordelia Park and Entrance corridor to Villa Heights

Stop 3

Allen + Pickney

Triangular Island

Stop 5

28th + Pickney

Intersection at 28th St and Pickney

Stop 7

Woodside + Lundsford

Triangular Right of Way Island

Stop 2

24th Street Crossing

Greenway transition to Villa Heights retail and residential homes

Stop 4

25th St + Pickney

Intersection of Pickney and 25th St, at Villa Heights Elementary School

Stop 6

Corner of Jordan + Matheson

City Owned Small Parcel of Unused Land

Let’s make something together.