There are five standing committees within Villa Heights Community Organization.  They encompass the majority of the work done within the organization.
However, we are always open to members forming a committee that may fill a void. If you are looking to be involved in a committee, please reach out to the committee chair for more information.



Quality of Life
will promote and foster participation in the neighborhood by organizing neighborhood social activities, workshops, and other programs which serve the needs and interests of neighborhood residents and businesses.
Quality of Life Chairs:  Andrew Dankbar

Ways and Means
will raise funds through Grant applications, fundraisers, donations, etc. to support the financial needs in supporting the goals of the Organization.
Ways and Means Chair: Max Carroll –

Land Use
will act as liaison between the Organization and private and public entities regarding the use or disposition of real property in and affecting the Villa Heights neighborhood. The Land Use Committee will follow and report to the board and membership regarding rezoning petitions filed with the City of Charlotte and requests by public and private parties for the support of the organization regarding matters involving real property in and affecting the Villa Heights Neighborhood.
Land Use Co Chiar: Evan Koch & Brett Seward

Media and Communications will oversee the branding and media presence of the organization. These duties including maintaining an Organization website, newsletter and any other appropriate electronic or tradition media. The Communications Committee will also oversee all branding initiatives taken by the organization. The Communications Committee will be responsible for notifying all residents of regular and special Organization meetings, and will work with the Quality of Life Committee in notifying all residents of events planned by that committee. The Chairperson of the Communications Committee should act as the first point of contact for any member of the media seeking public comment by the Organization.
Media and Communications Chairs: Open