Cordelia Park Improvements

November 20, 2017
By: Max Carroll

Today I took a walk on the Greenway in Cordelia Park.  I was so pleased with the improvements that Mecklenburg Park and Rec is making in the park.  First, I noticed that work is proceeding with the new pavilion.  This is going to be a great place for community meetings and events. 

Then I noticed that two trees had been planted by each of the two benches that are in full sun.  Thanks go to Trees Charlotte for donating the trees, and Tim Turton with Parks and Rec for planting the trees.

It was obvious that Park and Rec had done a ton of work clearing the hillside from the Butterfly Garden all the way down to the basketball court.  Speaking of the basketball court, new goals have been installed.

The last things I noticed was a number of trees (cedars and hardwoods) had been planted at the entrances to the park at the Harrill Street entrance and 24th Street.


Way to go, Mecklenburg Park and Rec!  It’s looking good, and I think the rebuilding of the playground is next on the list.

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