Cordelia Park Mural Update!

For the last few months, a topic of conversation at VHCO monthly meetings has been adding a mural in Cordelia Park. A local artist, Hilary Siber, has graciously volunteered to donate her time to enhancing our neighborhood with a mural! We’ve had to nail down some details, but are well on our way! Here’s the latest and greatest:

James Williams (Park and Rec), Gwen Cook (Greenway Planner), Hilary Siber (Artist), and Max Carroll (VHCO Ways and Means Chair) met Friday, Oct. 20, 2017, to make sure all were in agreement on the mural, and they discussed its location. James and Gwen gave their unqualified support for the project. Everyone agreed that the slope of the Greenway walkway from the bench near the basketball court downward toward the Parkwood tunnel would be an ideal place for the mural, because there would be traffic from the trail, as well as from the pedestrian bridge. The mural would be painted directly onto the sidewalk.

The design was offered up by the artist, and it has been approved and discussed over the last few months at recent VHCO meetings. Generally, the design pays homage to the Little Sugar Creek it will run beside (water/fish theme) with a background of our local neighborhood street lines. See picture below! Please note: the rendering below is from when the mural was designed to go in the tunnel under Parkwood – due to moisture concerns, that plan has been changed to the walkway as discussed above. However, the generallook/theme will remain the same, despite some small edits to accommodate walkway location.

With all these positive decisions in place, we need your help, neighbors!

Hilary is donating her time, but we need to pay for the paint and other supplies, and need to raise those funds before she can start the project. No amount is too small! Your donations are tax deductible and can made through Venmo ( or checks made payable to and mailed to Villa Heights Community Organization, P. O. Box 5015, Charlotte, NC 28205. Please identify the donations as being for the mural. All volunteer hours and donations in kind will count toward the neighborhood obligation of the bench neighborhood matching grant.

This is an amazing opportunity to further enhance our neighborhood – please consider making a donation!!!

VHCO Mural (1)

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