Welcome to our website!

Hello Neighbors and welcome to our website!  We are very excited to have a place where we can share information to our Villa Heights neighbors, as well as to the City of Charlotte.  This website was completed using a Neighborhood Matching Grant (more info here).

We have broken up the website into sections – About Villa Heights, Residents, Organization, Cordelia Park, and Blog.

About Villa Heights is a look at the neighborhood, past and present.  The About page gives you more information about our present day and the History page takes a glimpse into the past.

Residents located tools and information for our neighbors.  A welcome page for new residents, as well as information about how to get involved.

Organization has a wealth of information about our community organization.

Cordelia Park is a unique attraction to Villa Heights and we are very proud of it!  Learn more about the community garden, pool, and new trail!

Finally, we obviously have our blog which we will update regularly with updates and events going on in our neighborhood.

If you have any comments or questions, please email villaheights@gmail.com.